Fortnite Jerky event coming soon? Everything we know

Fortnite Chapter 2’s next major in-game event might have been leaked ahead of schedule and its provisional name might be the weirdest of all time – Jerky.

Epic Games won’t have been too happy to see #RipFortnite trending worldwide on April 12, with players claiming that the game has become stale in recent times. However, one thing is for sure – events usually have players coming back in droves.

Following the rollout of the v12.40 update on April 15, data miners were hard at work looking for different skins, cosmetics and other items, although Lucas7yoshi might well have stumbled upon a hint for something big coming soon.

Leaked Doomsday Device in Fortnite
FortTory, Twitter

A Doomsday Device was leaked for Fortnite, but that might not be related to the game’s next event, Jerky.

When is Fortnite’s Jerky event starting?

The next in-game event has not yet been confirmed by Epic Games, leaving the door wide open for when the next one will take place.

Recently, Epic have been working on some crossover content with Marvel, which has seen a Deadpool themed Yacht arrive, not to mention a whole host of cosmetics as well. Fans will be hoping for more of that should Jerky materialize.

Fortnite Jerky event leaks

As ever with leaked material, it’s best to take it with a pinch of salt until we see their contents arrive in-game, although Lucas7yoshi has proven to be one of the most reliable around when it comes to Fortnite.

On April 15, the data miner revealed everything they know so far, but it’s admittedly light on information.

They posted: An event currently just called “Jerky” is in the works, relevant to previous tweet. The playlist used for The End, Marshmello, etc was modfied with the name Jerky.”

On top of that, they also revealed a description, which stated: “There’s no score before the event. Hang out and have fun before the event starts.”

That’s not all, either. The leaker also posted what appears to be code that will eventually shake the sky in Fortnite. A file called ‘BP_SkyJerk’ was added to the events folder, which could be another hint for what’s to come.

What could the event include?

With previous event files having also changed to “Jerky”, the likelihood of that being an official event name is unlikely. However, it does put – whatever this might be – in the same standing.

Moving onto possible theories for what the event could include, there are a few options. Fortnite’s been dropping a series of hints towards a Doomsday event of some kind, with multiple clues having been found across the map so far. These include hatches, changes to in-game menus, and more.

FortTory, Twitter

Hatches have appeared all over The Agency POI.

Aside from that, there’s also a potentially more fitting possibility in that this could finally be the Travis Scott event, or concert, players have been expecting to see land in-game for some time.

Previously, leaked images were revealed for a potential Travis Scott skin, sparking rumors that the American rapper could follow in the footsteps of Marshmello by hosting a concert at one of Fortnite’s locations.

Last time it was Pleasant Park, which still features on the island, despite all of the changes in Chapter 2. The leaked Travis skin was revealed by HYPEX, another data miner.

While both of these suggestions are obvious possibilities for the Jerky event, nobody really knows what Epic Games has in store for us in the coming weeks.

Until plans are made public, fans will have to sit back, wait around a little longer, and hope it’s something exciting.

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