Fortnite Jennifer Walters’ office location: Where to visit She-Hulk’s law offices

If you’re making progress through the battle pass then you’ll be looking for the Fortnite Jennifer Walters office location, after unlocking her character and adding them to your roster of heroes. This is the first step towards earning her Gamma Overload built-in emote through the Fortnite Awakening challenges available for Jennifer Walters, and your task is laid out as follows:

  • Stage 1 of 3 – Visit Jennifer Walters office as Jennifer Walters

That description doesn’t give away many details about where to actually find the Fortnite Jennifer Walters office location, and as it’s a fresh addition to the map for this season you may not have even seen it before. It could be anywhere in the world of Fortnite, but handily we’ve already tracked it down for you, so follow our lead as we guide you to the Fortnite Jennifer Walters office to get this challenge done quickly.

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