Fortnite Item Shop- What’s New In The Shop Today- 19th April 2020

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FORTNITE item shop refreshes for April 19 have gotten a slimmer arrangement of remunerations for Battle Royale players today, as Epic Games discharges another choice of skins, pickaxes and acts out.

Fortnite’s Item Shop is the place you can get skins, back bling, acts out, and other fun items to add some character to your time in the game. The Item Shop refreshes each day at 5 pm PT, bringing new stock that may intrigue you. It is highly unlikely to know correctly what will wind up in the shop or when specific skins will be in the shop, so you have to check what is in there consistently to ensure you don’t have something that you need.

The shop can likewise include packs that you can purchase that contain heaps of skins and beautifying agents, however these will commonly be accessible to buy for a long time, for example, the ongoing Polar Patrol Pack.

Fortnite item shop refreshes have arrived for April 19, with a somewhat slimmer arrangement of skins, pickaxes and acts out on offer today. Not surprisingly, Epic Games has partitioned the present items between the highlighted and day by day classifications.


• Deadeye (unbelievable outfit): V2,000

• Stoneheart (epic outfit): V1,500

• Cupid’s Dagger (uncommon pickaxe): V800

• Spectral Scythe (uncommon pickaxe): V800

• Dead Wave (uncommon wrap): V500

• Manic (exceptional outfit): V800

Every day

• Sizzlin’ (epic act out): V800

• Sanctum (epic outfit): V1,500

• Electro Swing (uncommon act out): V500

• Leapin’ (uncommon act out): V500

• Sea Wolf (uncommon outfit): V1,200

• Party Hops (exceptional act out): V200

Fortnite fans were blessed to receive something beyond a crisp aiding of store items today, as update 12.40 has additionally landed.

Players would now be able to download the most recent update, as the short server vacation is presently finished.

Epic Games has discharged a few subtleties of what players can expect with the most recent fix, and fans have revealed new approaching skins.

Epic affirmed they re-empowered projectiles for non-serious playlists while deactivating proximity mines.

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