Fortnite Is Bringing Classic Properties to New Audiences

Fortnite is one of the biggest games out right now. Part of that success is due to collaborations that introduce classic stories to new audiences.

One of the biggest multiplayer titles out right now is Fortnite. Its popularity came out of nowhere, but its allure is evident. Not only does it feature a simple gameplay style, it never takes itself too seriously and promotes players to focus more on having fun over anything else. This positive environment has opened its doors to bring in some amazing properties across decades of pop culture.

Over the years, there have been multiple collaborations with my modern classics like John Wick and God of War. However, the game has also used the opportunity to include long-running franchises like Street Fighter and Ghostbusters. Considering the demographic that plays the game, these collaborations are not just fun. They introduce these classic stories to younger audiences.

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Fortnite isn’t afraid to bring in properties from multiple genres and outlets. One of the biggest surprises has been the teased inclusion from the animated series Family Guy. If that’s true, it will make the title the first game to feature a cartoon icon joining forces with characters like Master Chief and Ninja. While not everyone will be interested in these characters, it’s fascinating to think that anyone who wants to dig deeper has multiple treasure troves of content for each character.

Crossovers with Fortnite also go both ways. Last year, the game collaborated with Marvel Comics to create a brand new comic series that would lead to a massive team-up. The collab included countless locations and characters that are famous to Marvel. Fans enjoyed various competitions and earned skins of characters like Black Panther, Wolverine and Iron Man. The event itself would culminate into a massive battle against the planet-eating Galactus.

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Marvel ended up only being the beginning. More comic characters from DC Comics would later become available on the video game and span their multiverse of comics, TV and movies. Most recently, the Flash and Green Arrow characters from the CW series have become skins for the game. Sadly, not many people have the time or means to dig deeper into comics or their respective TV shows. But, Fortnite gives players a chance to see if these characters are engaging enough to explore further.

Thanks to Star Wars, Fortnite has also used its collaborations to promote upcoming projects of classic franchises. For example, Star Wars fans were treated to a secret transmission from the Emperor to tease the upcoming film The Rise of Skywalker. This would only be the beginning as Star Wars would later return to promote the new season of The Mandalorian.

While some fans love it, others don’t agree with the countless collaborations. However, it carries with it a scarce privilege. Not only do these collaborations bring in new content, but they also allow younger audiences to explore new topics. Thanks to Fortnite, many long-running franchises will survive even longer, and that is something no other game can do.

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