Fortnite Impossible Escape Umbrella: How to get the new glider

There is always something going on in the virtual world of Fortnite, and now we have a new glider to get our hands on in the form of the Impossible Escape Umbrella.

A lot of new additions have come to the game lately, such as new DC skins with Beast Boy and Catwoman, and there is even a big Fortnite NBA crossover on the way to get basketball fans excited.

But if you’re looking to get your hands on the Impossible Escape Umbrella, here is all the information you need to know.

How to get the Fortnite Impossible Escape Umbrella

The Impossible Escape Umbrella has been added to Fortnite as part of the Fortnite Daybreak Limited-Time Mode that has been released recently – completing it unlocks the glider.

When you begin the LTM, you will spawn on an island, but you will have no idea where you are or how you got there.

Aim to complete this mission during the day, so you can avoid the extra wrinkle of all the animals and NPCs that like to hunt you down when it is dark.

The mission here is to collect all the helicopter parts that are dotted around the island, and when you have them all, you will need to assemble the helicopter. You will also have to search for fuel as a chopper can’t fly on empty.

The island is not huge so gathering all these should not take too much effort. If you do enter this mode with your squad, you will start separately from each other and you will have the added mission of reuniting everyone.

But get all this done and the new glider will be yours – just do it quickly before the mode comes to an end.

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Here is the official description from Fortnite on the new mode: “You woke up alone and unarmed along the coast of an island, with no memory of how you arrived. Quickly search for weapons and ammunition before night falls and creatures begin to roam the hillsides, hunting for prey.

“Keep an eye out for other stranded people — they may prove to be invaluable allies in your fight to stay alive on the increasingly hostile island. Along the way, search for parts that can be used to repair one of the downed helicopters that are near the island’s centre. If you find the correct parts and have enough fuel, you may be able to escape.”

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