Fortnite Icon Series skins for Harry Kane & Marco Reus leaked

Fortnite has made a fortune in skins. Being a free-to-play game requires a company to find other ways of making money, and cosmetics is a great way to go.

Fortnite has been able to create several skins, like the Raven or Leviathan, that players have enjoyed. However, there’s nothing like being able to play as a favorite superhero, athlete or movie character.

Fortnite has made plenty of notable skins like this. They have a wide variety of Marvel and DC characters, Star Wars characters and others. They have also partnered with sports leagues and athletes to bring users’ favorite teams and players to the game. Most notably, they teamed up with the NFL and the NBA to allow players to play with the jersey of any team with the number of their choice.

They’ve also had specific athletes in the game. Neymar Jr. was a huge hit among players and for Fortnite. It seems like they’re interested in continuing that success. Footballers Harry Kane and Marco Reus may have skins coming to the game.

Marco Reus. Image via Bundesliga
Marco Reus. Image via Bundesliga
Harry Kane. Image via Everything Barca
Harry Kane. Image via Everything Barca

Fortnite skins leaked for Reus, Kane

According to data miner HYPEX, Fortnite is planning on releasing Icon Series skins for Harry Kane, striker for Tottenham, and Marco Reus, winger for Borussia Dortmund. These players have huge followings across the world, and Fortnite is trying to cash in on just that.

The skins will be available soon and will come as either a bundle or individual skins, according to HYPEX. The bundle will, fittingly, be called the Kane & Reus bundle.

This has players excited and waiting in anticipation for some of their favorite footballers to hit Fortnite. They will also likely have accompanying back blings and even some emotes to use. There are two unreleased football related emotes.

The sweet victory emote may end up being a fan favorite to use after securing a Victory Royale.

These are two of the best and most world-renowned footballers in the world right now. Kane is also the English national team’s captain, while Reus is one of Germany’s best. These skins are sure to be very popular upon release.

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