Fortnite: Huge Llama Change Arrives For Season 7

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 finally came out and many gaming fans are shocked to see that the special Llama’s in the battle royale mode have a unique ability

The new season saw the map be themed around Alien/Space and it has been great to see that there are new skins from some of the best TV around- including Rick from Rick and Morty and Superman.

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It is a big change for Fortnite compared to their last season which saw a primal theme added into the game.

Not only does Season 7 have some great new skins, but players now have to deal with UFO’s in the sky which can attack you among other things like new weapons.

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Llama Loot Box Now Able To Travel In Latest Fortnite Update

Llamas are a great source for loot in Fortnite and around 5 Loot Llamas appear in every battle royale match. They land in random parts of the map.

Llamas are great if you find them as they have a great amount of building materials and ammo and even have launch pads and healing items. They were quite easy to get before as they didn’t move, but now this newest change has made it slightly more difficult.

Llamas now run away from players. If players manage to deal enough damage to the Llama, it will then explode.

This is a crazy new addition to the game and adds a bit more excitement to looting Llama’s. You might now be battling a lot more with other players to get all the loot the Llama contains.

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