Fortnite: How To Unlock The Flash Skin For Free

Fortnite is once again teaming up with DC following Batman, Aquaman and others with the arrival of the Flash skin this February. Before then, though, players have a chance to earn Flash for free.

Just like the Hearts Wild Cup, which takes place the day before, players will be able to compete to earn the Flash skin for free, along with another cosmetic, while playing as part of a duo three days before it’s available elsewhere.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Flash coming to Fortnite.


When Does The Flash Cup Take Place?

Fortnite’s Flash Cup takes place on February 10th, 2021. Be sure to check in on the Competitive section in-game on the day itself to check for start times as they are subject to change and vary per region. You must be playing with someone else as a duo to take part, just like the previous tournament.


How Do I Unlock The Flash skin For Free?

You must place in the following positions at the conclusion of the Flash Cup to earn the Flash skin and a back bling, looks like the emote will be sold separately.

1st – 3,500th: “The Flash” In-Game Cosmetic Outfit and Back Bling.

NA East
1st – 1,750th: “The Flash” In-Game Cosmetic Outfit and Back Bling.

NA West
1st – 500th: “The Flash” In-Game Cosmetic Outfit and Back Bling.

1st – 500th: “The Flash” In-Game Cosmetic Outfit and Back Bling.

1st – 250th: “The Flash” In-Game Cosmetic Outfit and Back Bling.

1st – 250th: “The Flash” In-Game Cosmetic Outfit and Back Bling.

Middle East
1st – 250th: “The Flash” In-Game Cosmetic Outfit and Back Bling.

Here’s how many points you can earn per match for placement:

Victory Royale: 42 Points
2nd: 36 Points
3rd: 32 Points
4th: 30 Points
5th: 29 Points
6th: 28 Points
7th: 27 Points
8th: 26 Points
9th: 25 Points
10th: 24 Points
11th: 23 Points
12th: 22 Points
13th: 21 Points
14th: 20 Points
15th: 19 Points
16th: 18 Points
17th: 17 Points
18th: 16 Points
19th: 15 Points
20th: 14 Points
21st: 13 Points
22nd: 12 Points
23rd: 11 Points
24th: 10 Points
25th-29th: 9 Points
30th-34th: 6 Points
35th-39th: 3 Points
40th-44th: 2 Points
45th-50th: 1 Point

There will also be one point awarded per elimination. You have ten matches to accumulate as many points as possible within a three hour time limit.

If you place within the required positions but don’t immediately unlock the skin, Epic state that any prizes can take up to three weeks to be added to your account.


Will The Flash Skin Come To The Item Shop?

The Flash Fortnite
The Flash Fortnite

Yes, February 13th at 7 PM ET, to be exact. Bit of a random date for them to arrive in the game considering it’s around Valentine’s Day, but Epic don’t tend to make conventional sense with these crossovers.

Here’s what in the Flash set in full:

– The Flash Outfit
– The Speed Force Slashers Pickaxe
– The Speed Force Back Bling
– The Quick Bite Emote

As for the cost, based on other superhero skins in the past, the actual Flash outfit will likely cost around 1,500 V-Bucks to purchase with a full bundle setting you back roughly 2,800 V-Bucks, Pickaxe, emote and pickaxe included.

Fortnite is free-to-play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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