Fortnite: How to Get Mystique Tactical Style

Fortnite’s Marvel crossover event continues into Week 10 with the addition of a second Mystique skin for fans: the Tactical Mystique skin.

As Season 4 of Fortnite continues with Fortnitemares and the Marvel crossover, players can collect several Fortnite skins of Marvel characters and other free cosmetics. One of the many free skins players can earn by doing in-game challenges is a secondary Mystique skin. This is a tactical version, where Mystique drops the classic white dress for a tight, leather battle suit and strappy boots.

Getting the Mystique Skin

In order to get the Tactical Mystique skin, players have to complete a load of Fortnite Week 9 or 10 challenges. Most likely, players will be planning to finish most of these challenges anyway for the XP, but just in case, here’s a complete guide to getting this free skin.

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Mystique Tactical skin in Fortnite Week 10

Basic Mystique Skin Required

In order to unlock the basic Mystique skin, players have to be level 80 in the Season 4 Battle pass. Players can either purchase Battle Pass levels with V-bucks or level up through challenges. The Battle Pass for Fortnite this season is stuffed with Marvel cosmetics, and each can be unlocked by leveling up the Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass is currently 950 V-bucks in the Fortnite shop. The free battle pass does not seem to include either Mystique skin. Once a player has the Battle Pass, leveling is as easy as completing as many daily and weekly challenges as possible, killing other players in matches, and lasting as long as possible in matches.

Getting the Tactical Skin

Once players have the Level 80 Mystique basic skin, they can complete some more challenges to get the Tactical version. Players need to complete Chapter 2, Season 4, Week 9 or 10 challenges to get the Tactical skin. So if players have already searched for Fortnite chests in Upstate New York and caught fish at Heart Lake, they are already well on their way to unlocking this Tactical skin.

Unlocking the Emote

Once players have both skins, they may be looking for a Mystique unique emote to go along with their new skins. In order to grab it, players need to reach level 86 on their paid Battle Pass. Once there, players will have the ability to complete all of the Mystique’s Awakening challenges while wearing the Mystique skin. There are three of these:

  • Use a phone booth.
  • Emote after eliminating an enemy.
  • Deal damage with different rarity pistols.

Once those are complete, players will have some awesome Mystique skins and an emote to get them through the years of upcoming Fortnite and Marvel crossovers.

Fortnite is available for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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