Fortnite: How to Find The Pro Fishing Rod

Pro Fishing Rods were introduced to Fortnite during Season 4 as a way to catch better fish. Upgrading a regular fishing rod is a safe way to get one.

Epic Games has decided to extend the Fortnite Season 4 Marvel crossover for a few weeks to allow players to finish grinding for XP to reach the upper Tiers of the Battle Pass. Rather than the typical Weekly Challenges that would allow players to earn a bit of extra XP, developers have instead introduced the XP Xtravaganza challenges. These work similarly to Overtime challenges from previous seasons and ask players to complete certain activities in three stages, with each stage getting progressively more difficult. Thankfully, players can have a team with them when they complete the challenge to make it easier to finish each stage and earn the 20,000 or 50,000 XP.

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During Week 12, which is Week 2 of the XP Xtravaganza, players are asked to catch 10 fish three different times. The first time, they just need to catch 10 fish any way they can. The second time, they will need to catch 10 fish using a pro fishing rod, and the third time, they will need to catch 10 fish using explosive weapons. Pro fishing rods were introduced in Season 4 as a new way to catch more fish and the only way to catch certain Legendary fish. While players might be able to find a pro fishing rod among the other loot in the game, they tend to be rare, and players may waste a lot of time searching for it. Instead, they can more easily get this tool by finding and upgrading a regular fishing rod. Here’s how to get a pro fishing rod in Fortnite.

Get a Pro Fishing Rod in Fortnite

A player goes fishing in Fortnite Chapter 2

Players may be able to find a pro fishing rod on the ground, in chests, or in barrels by the lakes. However, because this relies on luck, it’s not the most efficient method. With players needing to catch 10 fish, searching for a pro rod could take time and leave the player vulnerable to attack instead.

The easiest way to get a pro fishing rod is to pick up any fishing rod and take it to an upgrade bench. There is at least one of these indoors at every named location on the map, including some inside the shacks at the lake surrounding The Authority, one of the best fishing spots. The upgrade costs the same amount of materials as it would cost to upgrade an Uncommon weapon to Rare rarity: 100 Wood, 100 Metal, and 100 Brick. This will make it easier for players to work together as a Team and split up to complete the challenge, as everyone can upgrade a regular rod.

Completing this challenge in Team Rumble will give players a better chance to fish without being spotted and attacked. All players also start with enough materials in Team Rumble mode to perform the upgrade right away. After completing all three stages of the challenge, all teammates will receive 20,000 XP.

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Fortnite is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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