Fortnite: How to Complete Zadie Challenges

This guide will help Fortnite players quickly complete the three Zadie challenges and unlock the Arctic and Jungle skin styles.

Fortnite players that want to unlock the Arctic and Jungle styles for the Zadie skin will need to complete three challenges, all of which center around the game’s Creative mode. While fans can approach these challenges simply by joining random Creatives games until they are all finished, it is possible to expedite the process considerably. For those players that are indeed interested in quickly completing the Zadie challenges in Fortnite, this guide is here to help.

Fortnite: Purchase Items from Vending Machines in Any Creative Match (10)

Of all of the Zadie challenges, this is the one that is likely to give Fortnite players the most trouble. However, fans need not agonize over finding a Creative map with vending machines, as they can just create their own instead. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of exactly how that is done, and the video that is found below will provide further clarity for those fans that need it:

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  1. Launch Creative in Create mode to load into a customizable island.
  2. Navigate to Creative assets and select the Devices tab.
  3. Locate the vending machine and move it to the quick bar.
  4. Place 10 vending machines on the island.
  5. Navigate to Creative assets and select the Weapons tab.
  6. Equip any Weapon to the equipment bar.
  7. Approach each vending machine and put the equipped weapons inside.
  8. Select “Start Game” and interact with the vending machines in Fortnite to retrieve the weapons.

Fortnite: Damage Players with Pistols in Any Creative Match (250)

For this task, players should launch Creative in Play mode and enter the BHE map (Island Code: 8064-7152-2934). They should then grab any pistol that they find on the ground and start racking up damage against opposing players. While it may take fans a little while to accumulate the requisite 250 damage using this approach, those that exercise a bit of patience will ultimately find success and complete this Fortnite challenge.

Fortnite: Play Any Creative Games (3)

This final challenge does not really require any explanation, and players will already have made some progress on it while working on the aforementioned tasks. If a fan has not finished it in the process of purchasing items from vending machines and damaging players with pistols, then they should simply jump into creative games until they hit three. At that point, players are likely to have completed all of the Zadie challenges, and they can begin enjoying the styles that they have now unlocked for the rare Fortnite skin thereafter.

Fortnite is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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