Fortnite: How To Complete Raz’s Spire Quests

A complete guide to completing Raz’s Spire Quests in season 6 of Fortnite.

Season 6 brought new mechanics to Fortnite Battle Royale, but a new type of quest was also added to the game — Spire Quests. Spire Quests are related to the game’s lore and will reveal more information, bit by bit.

There are a couple of Spire Quests to get done this week. Spire Quests are Epic quests (Purple rarity) and they will appear in a different category on your menu, separated from all the other Rare quests and daily missions.

Firstly, to unlock Raz’s Spire Quests, you’ll have to finish Tarana’s Spire Quests. Thankfully, we’ve already written a guide on how to complete her quests so you can get it done as quickly as possible.

Raz’s challenges will have you going back and forth as he has a lot of tasks for you to complete. You have to get the Spire Quests done if you want to unlock Raz’s Glyph Master skin once it’s available in-game.

Here is how you can complete them.

Play The Last Log

The first mission you’ll have to do for Raz is to find the Last Log in Colossal Crops. You’ll get this mission after speaking to him during the final stage of Tarana’s Spire Quests.

You can find the Last Log stuck in a stone wall, west of the lettuce raised beds.

last log location fortnite

Return To Raz

After you’ve collected the Last Log, run back to Raz. Interact with him. Make sure you select the “The Spire” option when speaking to him.

Once you’ve done this, he will ask you for some time to decode the message you found.

Complete Uncommon Or Rarer Quests

You’ll now have to complete 5 Uncommon (Green rarity) or Rarer Quests while you wait for Raz to decode the message from the Last Log.

Thankfully, there are a lot of progressive quests to complete in the game with a few phases each. We’ve covered those so you can keep track of which ones you’re closest to finishing, this way you can move on with Raz’s missions in a blink of an eye.

Return To Raz

Raz will be ready to reveal the decoded message now. All you have to do is return to Colossal Crops and interact with him. He will then give you more quests.

Raz wants to disguise himself so he can enter the Spire’s inner sanctum. He needs you to help him by bringing several items. You can do this in any order you’d like.

Collect A Cult Talisman From A Guardian For Raz So He Can Finish The Disguise

To do this you need to go to a Guardian Tower. There is a total of six Guardian Tower spread throughout the map. If you’re not sure of where to find one, here are all of their locations:

all guardian tower locations fortnite

Make sure you find good weapons and fill up on shields since to do this you’ll have to eliminate a Spire Guardian, and they are very tough opponents. They can teleport and their weapon is quite powerful.

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Once eliminated, they will drop the Talisman you have to collect. It can be found amongst their loot.

Retrieve The Cult Artifact From The Spire For Raz

For the next task, you need to head to The Spire and steal an artifact. You can steal it by interacting with it. To find the artifact just go inside the house marked on this map we’ve made:

where to steal artifact fortnite

Harvest A Wolf Fang, A Boar Tusk, And Three Chicken Feathers For Raz

After unlocking this quest, these animals will drop the quest item once killed. This means that if you kill a wolf, it will drop a fang. If you kill a boar, it will drop a tusk. And, if you kill a chicken, it will drop a feather.

In order to complete this quest, you’ll have to kill a wolf, a boar, and three chickens. Our guide on how to hunt for wildlife in Fortnite will expand on all of these animals, where you find them, and how to easily hunt them down. So, give it a read if you’re having trouble completing this task.

Complete All 3 Spire Quests And Then Return To Raz

You’ll have to go back and speak to Raz once you’ve done all the missions he tasked you with. You will need to interact with him to will complete the quests above, and you will get the experience points for each of them.

Complete Uncommon Or Rarer Quests And Then Return To Raz

You will need to complete another set of 5 Uncommon or rarer quests to get more Spire Quests from Raz. Once you’ve done this, return to Colossal Crops and talk to him. He’s now completed your disguise and left it near The Spire for you.

Don The Disguise And Strike Three Resonant Crystal At The Spire

After talking to Raz, head to The Spire. You have to don the disguise, which will make you look like a Spire Guardian. You will then have to hit three pink crystals with your pickaxe. You only have to hit them once for it to work.

To find the disguise and the crystals, head to the locations marked on this map:

where to don the diguise fortnite

After completing it, you will turn back to your regular skin.

The Spire Quests are a great way to earn experience points. And since they’re Epic rarity quests, they will count towards getting the Classic Raven style and Cluck’s Slurpy style. These skins’ alternative styles require Fortnite players to complete a certain number of Epic quests.

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