Fortnite Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Skin and Limited Time Mode Leaked

Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist Aloy is making her way to Fortnite complete with a skin and a limited time mode. This is according to dataminers that went through the latest Fortnite update 16.20. Leaker Hypex tweeted that the star of the Guerrilla Games-developed title will be in Fortnite.

In addition to this, details regarding the Horizon Zero Dawn limited time mode have surfaced as well. It would feature Tomb Raider protagonist Lara Croft too. While Epic Games is yet to announce any of this, safe to say an official release date should be revealed in the weeks to come.

Despite its absence from the App Store and Google Play, Fortnite remains popular on PC and consoles. In fact, Microsoft recently told IGN India that Epic’s free-to-play battle royale smash hit is popular with Xbox Series S and X owners in the country. Interesting when you consider that it showed up on the Xbox Store front well after it did on other platforms.

The game remains popular for PS4 and PS5 users too retailers in the country tell us and an upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn event could help bolster its success in the country even further what with Horizon Zero Dawn being one of the best-selling PS4 games in the country resulting in a vocal, active fanbase.

Perhaps Aloy’s arrival is a sign of upcoming Horizon Forbidden West reveals? With the game still slated for a 2021 release we won’t be surprised to see publisher Sony leverage Fortnite to move copies of Horizon Forbidden West above and beyond a skin and a limited time event.

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