Fortnite Guide: Destroying Shipping Containers At Dirty Docks

Fortnite’s Week 8 challenges include a few treks to named locations that have been previously flooded. Dirty Docks has been submerged in water for the majority of the season, but you’ll need to head there to complete a new challenge that asks you to destroy shipping containers at Dirty Docks. This guide will show you a quick and easy way to complete the challenge.

The challenge leaked ahead of time. You can now try it for yourself, as it has since become available officially.

Where Is Dirty Docks?

Dirty Docks is a named location on the map, although it’ll be hidden until you visit it for the first time now that it’s no longer flooded. You can find it on the right-hand side of the map in the H4 tile. It’s right on the water surrounded by green rolling hills.

Dirty Docks was also the location for one of the Aquaman challenges.

Fortnite Season 3 Dirty Docks Location
Fortnite Season 3 Dirty Docks Location

How Do I Destroy Shipping Containers?

You’ll need to destroy seven shipping containers in order to complete the challenge. You can find them scattered throughout Dirty Docks. The best strategy would be to land on the outskirts of the location and then work your way in so you don’t get surrounded by other players.

Fortnite Season 3 Shipping Container Challenge
Fortnite Season 3 Shipping Container Challenge

The shipping containers are made of metal so it takes a bit of time to destroy them. Be aware of your surroundings when you start swinging your harvesting tool.

What Do I Get For Destroying Shipping Containers?

You’ll earn a clean 35,000 experience points for destroying seven shipping containers. Be sure to also check out our guide on how to dance at the Apres ski dance floor for ten seconds and a breakdown of how to find Season 3’s secret Coral buddies challenges. If you’re having trouble with any of Fortnite’s challenges hop on over to our Season 3 challenge hub.

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