Fortnite Glitch Grants Player Infinite Items & Heals

According to a popular YouTube content creator, there’s now an infinite item glitch in Fortnite, which can be easily abused to duplicate throwables.

With the help of the recently discovered game-breaking glitch in Fortnite, any player can easily get infinite throwable items and heals. It can hypothetically help players survive the Storm in the game, although last month, the Storm itself was the worst glitch for Fortnite‘s console audience.

Back in March, Fortnite players faced a hugely annoying bug, which transformed the game’s danger zone, the Storm, into a thick purple fog. It was impossible to see through, which caused a lot of frustration. Discouraged players were dying in the Storm, unable to leave it or shoot back at those unaffected by the glitch. Luckily, the bug wasn’t critical as Epic Games fixed it more than a week later after it was originally reported on developers’ Trello. Hopefully, that will again be the case for this new bug.

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As demonstrated by OrangeGuy on YouTube, there’s now a new game-breaking infinite item glitch in Fortnite, which can cause a lot of trouble and ruin the fun for players. The glitch allows players to endlessly duplicate any throwable in the battle royale, but what’s even worse is that abusing this Fortnite exploit is extremely easy. OrangeGuy delivered the exact technique via a short video guide, outright warning that for replicating the glitch in public games, players can get banned. In order to duplicate an item, one must have a full inventory. Next, a player approaches the desired item and picks it up while dropping a weapon. Then, holding the picked item in the hand, a player needs to switch it for the dropped weapon, throwing the item at the very last moment. As the result, a copy of the item is created, and it immediately stacks with the original thing. The process can be repeated infinitely on any throwable, including shield potions and medkits.

Quite recently, another game-breaking Fortnite glitch was discovered by multiple players including professional esports athletes. According to numerous reports, the bug was able to flip players’ screens sideways. Epic acknowledged the existence of the weird bug, narrowing down its trigger conditions and promising an update once more info on the matter is collected. Not a single word on when to expect a fix was shared, though.

The current technical state of Fortnite is far from being perfect. As last week only a couple of game-breaking glitches were discovered. It feels like Season 6 has caused a lot of issues, and repairing it should now be the top priority for Epic Games. Unfortunately, the studio tends to incorporate crucial technical fixes in its accustomed weekly release schedule, so players might have to wait for these fixes.

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Source: OrangeGuy/Youtube

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