Fortnite Glitch Gives Players Unlimited Health

Following a plethora of bugs arising during Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, players discover a new glitch that gives them unlimited health.

Chapter 2 Season 6 of Fortnite has brought players possibly the most drastic changes to the game yet, adding entirely new classes of weapons, a brand new weapon and item-crafting mechanic, wild-life that can be hunted or tamed, and much more. And while players seem to be enjoying the new Fortnite season, it of course isn’t without a bug or two, which have caused a bit of frustration for some players.

Just earlier this week, players began reporting a new Season 6 bug that made it impossible to see when in the Storm, either making it difficult for them to find their way back to the safe zone, or causing them to lose fights. This also raised issues with PC players’ ability to turn on Performance Mode, which seemingly gets rid of the issue entirely, though players on other platforms can do no such thing. Now, players have discovered a new glitch giving them unlimited health.

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Following the removal of the Cuddlefish item due to a bug, Fortnite YouTuber OrangeGuy posted a video both showing the new glitch in action and showing players how to perform it themselves. In the video, OrangeGuy shows that going into the Storm after performing the glitch ticks 1 HP away from players, but adds it back immediately, causing them to practically stay at full health all the time. For this new glitch, players will need a friend, a Slurp Mushroom and a Porta-Potty.

OrangeGuy shows that this glitch may be easiest to perform in the Slurpy Swamp POI, given the abundance of both Slurp Mushrooms and Porta-Potties in the area. Performing the glitch requires players to first use their pickaxe to knock a Porta-Potty down to one hit away from breaking, then entering the Porta-Potty immediately after consuming a Slurp Mushroom. As soon as the player performing the glitch is inside the Porta-Potty, their friend should break the Porta-Potty for them. The YouTuber notes that this glitch may take a few tries to pull off, but once it is performed successfully, the target player’s health will immediately start regenerating, including both their HP and Shield health.

The glitch essentially acts as an infinite Slurp Mushroom, restoring a player’s HP before it starts to restore their Shield health. OrangeGuy shows that when taking fall damage, the glitch will restore players’ HP before it starts to restore their Shield health. The YouTuber even demonstrates that when the Storm starts to tick 5 HP, players who have performed the glitch won’t take any damage, but once the Storm starts to tick more than that, they will start losing health, slowly regenerating it.

Players can try out the glitch now, though it’s likely that Epic Games will prioritize fixing this one as soon as possible since it essentially breaks the game, giving some players a massive advantage over others. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is now officially into its second week, giving players new challenges to complete for their Season 6 Battle Pass.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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