Fortnite Glitch Causes Gold Bars To Disappear


Fortnite players have been reporting that their Gold Bars have been disappearing. A number of posts have been made on the Fortnite subreddit regarding this problem, so it seems to be a widespread glitch.

Gold Bars are Fortnite’s in-game currency. Players can earn them by defeating enemies, looting safes, or via cash registers. They are pretty rare and can be used for a number of things like hiring NPC allies, upgrading weapons, and even purchasing exotic items.

RELATED: Rick Sanchez and Superman Aren’t Enough To Carry Fortnite’s New SeasonAs spotted by GameRant, a number of cases have popped up, regarding Gold Bars disappearing from players’ inventories. “I had about $2,200 gold and it all disappeared. Can someone explain to me why this freaking happened? All my gold was there yesterday and today it’s gone. WTF?” said Redditor _Frosty-Paws_.

Fortunately, it seems like Epic Games was aware of the issue and looked into it pretty quick. “We are investigating an issue where players may start a game with 0 Bars, and any Bars collected are not retained in the next match. We’ll provide an update when we can,” said the official Fortnite Status Twitter handle. The issue was resolved a few hours after the initial tweet. The Gold Bars should have returned to players’ inventories.

Fortnite recently unveiled a new character skin, Marvel’s Loki. The character looks like his avatar from the Battle of New York in the first Avengers movie, equipped with his horned helmet and Scepter as a pickaxe. Loki’s arrival to the game coincides with the launch of the Loki TV show on Disney Plus. The character is part of the game’s Fortnite Crew subscription service which is the only way players will be able to get access to it.

Unfortunately, Loki’s MCU avatar has been causing a few problems. The character’s popular horned helmet makes for some pretty flashy gear, but a number of players have complained that the horns have actually been a visual hindrance. At certain angles, the horns seem to be coming in the way of players’ aiming reticule.

While it’s anyone’s guess who the next character coming to Fortnite could be, recent rumours have suggested that it could be basketball star LeBron James. Fortnite leaker and insider Shiina said that he will come to the game as part of the Icon Series.

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