Fortnite Giving Players Rocket League Music For Free

Fortnite is giving away a free Rocket League music track to players who log in before December 31st, 2020, and it’s an absolute banger.

The second season of Rocket League is underway, and Fortnite is helping celebrate by gifting its players a free lobby track which happens to be the main theme for Rocket League season 2. Fortnite and Rocket League have teamed up in the past to bring players crossover cosmetics, and this new addition will get Fortnite players pumped up before and after every match.

After five years, Rocket League went free-to-play in September of this year after its developer, Psyonix, was bought by Epic Games. This proved to be a power move for Rocket League as millions of players flooded to the motorsports soccer game. To celebrate, Rocket League held an in-game event called Llama-Rama where players could participate in matches to unlock cosmetic rewards for both games. These included the Battle Bus as a playable vehicle in Rocket League and the iconic Octane car as back bling in Fortnite.

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Now, Fortnite is teaming up with Rocket League once again to celebrate the launch of season 2. This crossover is less extensive than the Llama-Rama event, but it still allows Fortnite players to get a free goodie. The free item being the “Flip Reset” lobby track by Kaskade & WILL K which is also the anthem for Rocket League season 2. Players won’t have to play any matches or complete any challenges in either game, but will simply need to launch Fortnite at any point in time between now and December 31st, 2020. This track can be equipped to play while in Fortnite‘s main lobby between matches.

“Flip Reset” is not only Rocket League season 2’s theme music but is also the debut track from artists Kaskade & WILL K. Rocket League players will recognize this track as the first song that plays when the game is launched, and now Fortnite players can experience the same startup music. As well, lobby tracks play whenever Fortnite players win Victory Royales, and this EDM track will add a sick beat drop to the final elimination in a match.

Psyonix being bought by Epic Games has breathed new life into Rocket League, and it also means more free items for Fortnite fans. It would be cool to have more of Rocket League’s iconic EMD tracks available in Fortnite, but “Flip Reset” is a good start. The track may pose a threat to Twitch streamers dealing with DMCA takedowns, but for the average player, it serves as a great warmup soundtrack.

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