Fortnite Ghost Rider Cup schedule, prize pool, Marvel Knockout and skins

Fortnite is offering all players a chance to win exclusive Marvel skins through its recently announced Marvel Knockout Super Series. While the official series will kick off on November 11, players are bracing for Fortnite Ghost Rider Cup, which will be hosted on Wednesday, November 4. The top-performing teams in the trios competition will be rewarded Ghost Rider cup skins, i.e. the Ghost Rider Outfit and Back Bling. The Ghost Rider Cup will be the successor to the previously successful Daredevil Cup. 

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Fortnite Ghost Rider Cup schedule, how to compete

The event will be hosted on November 4. As mentioned, the competition will be a trios tournament which means teams of three will compete against other teams to win the top prize. Only players with account level 30 or higher will be eligible to participate in the tournament. Furthermore, players must also have Epic Games’ 2-Factor Authentication set up. 

Teams will be awarded points based on the placement in matches; the accumulated score will determine their ranking in the regional leaderboards. According to Epic Games’ official statement, the game mode played during the Ghost Rider Cup session will be Marvel Knockout, with each session lasting three hours. At the end of the session, the top teams will be awarded the Ghost Rider Cup skins.

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In addition to Wednesday’s trios event, players can also register themselves for the upcoming Marvel Knockout Super Series events, which will have other exclusive Marvel rewards for the winners. 

  • Fortnite Ghost Rider Cup (Trios): November 4
  • Mystery Marvel Hero/Villain Cup (Duos) – November 11
  • Mystery Marvel Hero/Villain Cup (Duos) – November 18
  • $1Million Super Cup (Duos) – November 21

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Ghost Rider Cup prize pool

Unlike Fortnite’s weekly cash cups, Ghost Rider Cup rewards include the exclusive skins, which will be based on various Marvel characters. The final event of the series will feature a combined prize pool of $1 million. Players who compete in all of of the Marvel-themed Cups will earn a special Nexus Glider.

For Wednesday’s event, only the top few hundred players will be awarded the Ghost Rider Outfit and Back Bling:

Region Winners
Europe Top 800
NA East Top 500
NA West Top 200
Brazil Top 200
Asia Top 100
Oceania Top 100
Middle East Top 100

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