Fortnite Gets Helicopter Launcher According to New Leak

Over the past few weeks, Fortnite has seen a major change in gameplay due to the powerful helicopters roaming around. Players have no sure way to take them down, meaning that aerial superiority ruins the game dynamic. According to a new leak though, Epic Games is bringing a fix. Fortnite is getting a Rocket Launcher to shoot down helicopters.

Although nothing is official yet, the Fortnite Helicopter Rocket Launcher looks like a sweet deal. Its codename is MistyBop and will be able to lock down and shoot at helicopters from a long distance. Getting a Choppa won’t mean that you’re guaranteed a spot on the Top 10. If the leak is true then players will have to be more aware of their surroundings while on the helicopter.

There’s no indication as to what type of rarity the rocket launcher will release in Fortnite, however, it comes with an achievement for destroying a helicopter with it. The leaker, FireMonkey, has also revealed some audio files for the new weapon.

Players seem to be baffled about the idea of a lock-down rocket launcher entering the island. For what it’s worth, the developers are doing their best in order for the game to be balanced and stable.

In related news, Fortnite now has a Deadpool Unmasked skin to commemorate the release of the original skin back in season 2. Some grinding is required in order to obtain it but it is worth the while.

A new update was released last week, bringing much-needed balance to Fortnite’s performance. The update is live on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch as well as mobile devices. No new content was included in this particular patch but players will find the game running smoother, especially on PlayStation 4. On Sony’s console, players were experiencing low texture resolution, a matter that Epic Games has fixed now.

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