Fortnite FNCS Finals: How To Earn Twitch Drops!

Who will come out as duo king of Season 2? Tune in and receive exclusive rewards thanks to Epic!

The month-long FNCS event is coming to a dramatic close this weekend after the competitive community was up in arms about lack of communication, they are once again competing in another event.

FNCS Finals are going to be viewed by millions worldwide this coming weekend, and with multiple regions and heats going on; it can be tricky to figure out who’s playing when.

Let’s take a full look at how you can snag some insane Twitch drops while watching this weekend!

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Twitch Drops

Over the course of the weekend-long event, you will be able to watch any of your favorite streamers and have a chance to earn some free Fortnite rewards!

fortnite image 3
TFUE – Tfue highlights Heat 1!

The following rewards can be earned this weekend.

  • Spray and a Skate Deck featuring this season’s FNCS logo.

How To Get Drops

Epic Games posted their official blog post regarding how to earn Twitch Drops this weekend, below are all the steps they have outlined in order to be eligible for drops:

“The Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2 – Season 2 Finals kick off on April 17. Catch all the action by watching your favorite players stream the action live on Twitch.

” To celebrate the conclusion of this season’s Fortnite Champion Series we’re releasing new items as drops: a Spray and a Skate Deck featuring this season’s FNCS logo.

More St Pats 1
DROPS – Who else can’t wait for this weekend’s action?

To ensure you are eligible for these one-time items, please make sure your Twitch account and Epic account are linked. Then tune in to the FNCS Finals on an approved Twitch channel between Friday, 17 April and Sunday, 19 April

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” To link your Epic account and Twitch account, head here. You’ll see an option to connect your accounts. Clicking that will ask you to log into Twitch, after which you’re all set.”

” When your account is linked, you will be able to tell you are watching a drops-enabled channel when you see this notification.”

Who’s Competing

All the household names of Fortnite are going to be duking it out this weekend, over the course of the four heats and the FNCS Season Finals.

Without a doubt, there are going to be some wicked spawn battles and rivalries brewing during the weekend.

CHAMP – Will you be watching Bugha and Stretched this weekend?

Check out some of the top players playing this weekend who you’ll be able to watch on Twitch!

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  • Bugha and Stretched
  • Chap and AV
  • Tfue and Scoped
  • Benjyfishy and Mongraal
  • Fray and Fliik
  • Stompy and Aqua
  • LetShe and Wolfiez
  • RogueShark and Knight

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