Fortnite February Update 2021 – Here are the changes in Patch 3.04

The new Fortnite update brings in all the Tron-themed stuff.

Only a few days after the end of the Hearts Wild Cup event in Fortnite, Epic Games is now bringing in the Tron crossover, teased during the last week. The new crossover will add a number of different cosmetics all related to the world of Tron: Legacy movie. While the full patch notes still yet to be shared, below you can take a look at the pre-patch notes of this Fortnite February update 2021 codenamed 3.04:

  • v15.40 brings:
  • Blast back with an unvaulted favorite!
  • Fun for the whole squad! Characters will have more Exotics in stock for allies (or enemies) to acquire.
  • LTMs coming soon: Air Royale Airplane+ Floor is Lava Volcano
  • Adjust object/build level of detail in PC Perf Mode
  • Please note: With the v15.40 update, we’ll be removing unreleased assets and props that are currently being used in some Creative islands.

While the official details of the update will be released soon, some data miners have already leaked the list of cosmetic items joining the game in the Tron crossover. Take a look at Fortnite February update 2021 unreleased assets:

  • Arena Elite: Won in Battle, Worn with Pride
  • Gordo: Stuffed with Llamacorn style
  • My name is Barry Allen: Traveler of the multiverse
  • Fox Clan Reborn: Catch us if you can
  • Xander: Sovereign of the Shifting Sands
  • Britestorm Bomber: Breezy as a Summer’s day
  • Sica: The arena’s next champion
  • Cerberus: Rise from the underworld
  • IO Attack: Press play and imagine
  • Speed Force Slashers: Physical manifestations of the scarlet speedster’s powers
  • Arena’s Blessing: Some things can only be won
  • Heartbeat – Cracked Up – Hearty Hearts: Show your style
  • Snake Eyes Katana: Legendary blade forged by the masters
  • Identity Disc: Never leave your home system without it
  • Breezy Bashers: Llook out, here they come

Fortnite is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and PC.

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