Fortnite Farmer Steel’s favorite places – visit Pizza Pit and other locations

Visiting Fortnite Farmer Steel’s favorite places is the plan to retract his steps, and hopefully find where he’s disappeared off to so you can dispel the rumors that Cousin Steel has been abducted by aliens. The clue we have to work on for this legendary entry in the Fortnite Week 4 quests is that he’s fond of a pizza slice, so we can take it as read that we’ll be visiting Pizza Pete’s restaurant in Fortnite as part of this search. If you’re ready to start tracking down the errant agriculturalist, then these are the Fortnite Farmer Steel’s favorite places locations that you need to visit.

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Fortnite Farmer Steel’s favorite places

Fortnite Farmer Steel's favorite places locations map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

At the time of writing, we’re not 100% sure where all of Fortnite Farmer Steel’s favorite places will be, though from the quest description we know that “Cousin Steel loves that ‘chovi crust special from Pizza Pit.” This means we can be confident that The Pizza Pit is one of the locations we need, which you’ll find just northeast of Corny Complex and just across the river from Steel Farm.

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