Fortnite fans want Epic Games to ban player Bugha for apparently cheating during FNCS

Fortnite continued their plans to conduct the Fortnite Champion Series online after the Fortnite World Cup was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While fans expected Epic Games to cancel the tournament, the matches were shifted to an online platform completely. This has drawn concern towards players possibly cheating during the competition. 

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Bugha ban: Was gamer Bugha cheating with Owl for the FNCS? 

Co1azo Kills Bugha and Owl (Who are in the same call) from r/FortniteCompetitive

According to a recent Reddit post, Bugha was killed in the Solos FNCS event by Co1azo. However, another player called ‘Owl’ arrived at the location immediately (but was eliminated). While both players were eliminated, players discussed the possibility that both Bugha and Owl were working together and had secretly teamed up during the Solos event. While both players were not using hacks or any other cheat code, two professional players being on call during a Solos event is also considered cheating. When one works with someone during a solo event, he or she has access to more information.

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Reddit users referred to another popular user called ‘Nickmercs’, who would wait in the lobby and confirm that he did not have the same route as others on a call with him before proceeding. If they did, they would leave the call for that game. Fans and users are convinced that Owl and Bugha were cheating, as both of them being at the one place made matters worse.

One user was convinced that both Owl and Bugha knew where the other was, which is why Owl reached the location as quickly as he did. However, some people also defended Bugha, saying that he spoke only on the live stream after Owl entered. However, most users wanted Bugha to be banned from the tournament.

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Bugha’s 2020 FNCS solo qualifier

Bugha had recently been in the news for calling out Fortnite and Epic Games for their ‘glider glitch’, which affects the players’ glider speed. The issue is expected to be fixed during Fornite’s v13.40 update. Bugha tweeted about the incident, visibly upset for securing second place during the FNCS Qualifier 2. Most fans agreed with Bugha, while many wanted him to be happy with the second place. He has previously won the 2019 Fortnite World Cup Solos event.

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(Image source: Bugha official Twitter)

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