Fortnite Fan Theory Suggests The Game Might Return to its Original Map

A meteor in the sky potentially foreshadows what's to come for Fortnite.
A meteor in the sky potentially foreshadows what’s to come for Fortnite. | Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Epic Games is often known for their leaks and teases within Fortnite, sending fans into frenzy and speculation about the upcoming changes they will see in the game. From this week’s underwater swimming leak to a new doomsday device, Epic certainly isn’t stopping.

Just yesterday, the Fortnite developer teased what appeared to be a light teal meteor above the purple Astroworld symbol in the sky. But to understand the meteor’s significance, we need to find its correlation: the Astro Jack outfit.

Looking more closely at the SICKO MODE edition of the Astro Jack Outfit, it’s apparent that the original Fortnite map replaces its head, exemplifying a globe.

So, how does this connect with the meteor? The original map tease becomes even more substantial since the meteor is coming from the other side of the islands, just as the SICKO MODE skin portrays. While this is all speculation, and Epic could just be teasing us with their never-ending content trail, it could also potentially be foreshadowing what’s to come for the battle royale at the conclusion of Season 2.

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