Fortnite Exploit Lets Players Farm Unlimited Gold

Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 6 introduces a new exploit, which allows farming Gold bars endlessly by repeatedly performing simple actions.

It’s a gold rush following the start of Fortnite Season 6, which introduced an unintentional exploit that allows players to farm gold in unlimited quantities. Although this exploit doesn’t break rules, it does impact players’ base stats. Apart from that, the newest chapter in the game’s continuous support might reveal Dwayne Johnson as one of the key characters.

Season 5’s finale introduced The Foundation, another member and leader of a mysterious organization The Seven. The character is yet to be released as an Epic outfit, but players are already speculating that Dwayne Johnson might voice Fortnite‘s next hulking hero, as well as serve as the model for the character. There’re several reasons to believe it’s true, and the most obvious one is hidden in plain sight. The Foundation’s armor has a chest and arm piece that is similar in design and shape to Johnson’s body tattoo. Additionally, the character is referred to as DJ in files, while the actor himself has hinted at his involvement in Fortnite.

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Not only has the recent start of Season 6 in Fortnite traditionally brought a lot of new content but also has introduced some unexpected additions. As discovered by players, and revealed by YouTube content creator OrangeGuy, there’s now an exploit that allows farming unlimited gold. But while this might sound serious, an exploit is hardly a reason to ban anyone. All that’s needed is to head over to the Slurpy Swamp area where Fortnite NPC called Slurp Jonesy resides. This character gives a couple of quests that reward players with Gold upon completion. The first task is to destroy a couple of specific slurp barrels, which can be found literally next to Slurp Jonesy. The second task is to get both health and shields up to 100. These two missions result in receiving 220 Gold immediately. From there, Fortnite players can simply leave the match, hop into another one, and repeat the process endlessly, receiving 220 Gold every few minutes.

Fortnite’s gold is a very useful in-game currency that can help players establish a tactical advantage over opponents. The bars can be used to buy intel, weapons, upgrades, and other helpful items and benefits from NPCs. The latest exploit allows any player to accumulate enough Gold to feel confident when entering a match of battle royale, but in return, it negatively affects the player’s stats as it requires leaving several matches in a row. It’s unlikely that everyone will be willing to repeat the process on a regular basis.

The current season is rumored to include dinosaurs that might appear in Fortnite at a later date. The initial speculation was based on the latest Battle Island map update, which listed a handful of prehistoric creatures’ eggs and bones. Whether the eggs will hatch or not is yet to be discovered, but players have already found a reference to “wild raptors” in the game’s files. These dinosaurs are mentioned alongside wild wolves and boars that have been officially added at the start of Season 6. Players should try to get all the Fortnite gold they can before a T-Rex gobbles them up.

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Source: OrangeGuy/YouTube

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