Fortnite: Every Agent Jonesy Skin, Ranked

Which Agent Jonesy, or Agent Jones, skin in Fortnite is the best?

Agent Jonesy has been a staple character in Fortnite since Chapter 2: Season 2, but now in Chapter 2: Season 6 they have expanded upon his look. There are now six Agent Jonesy skins, but that is not the only thing that has changed. The new skins also bring about a rebranding for this character as he transforms into Agent Jones.

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It can be hard to pick just one, as they all give off different vibes, but they are not all created equal. The rankings of the Agent Jonesy skins in Fortnite are based on their selected style, as well as the story their outfit has to tell.

6 Agent Jones (Jump 23)

Agent Jones (Jump 23) in Fortnite

This version of Agent Jones tries to be a cooler version of the original, and it just doesn’t pan out how the creators thought it would. Yes, the aviators give off Grease vibes and we expect Sandy to appear at any moment, but the ripped shirt is just too much.

Players also question how his watch managed to remain unscathed, while the rest of him looks like it was put into a blender. The red bandana around his arm adds some contrast, but this is by far the worst of all the Agent Jones skins.

5 Agent Jones (Jump 15)

Agent Jones (Jump 15) in Fortnite

This is the first Agent Jones that can be unlocked and while it is not one of the worst skins in Fortnite, its design could have been better. The way his outfit is hanging on by literal threads is a nice detail, and the red tie gives it character.

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However, a bit more could have been done with his pants, especially in terms of the dirt and grime. Others wish they would have left the dirt off of Agent Jones altogether as it almost seems like an afterthought the way it is lightly painted onto his skin.

This could have become a more prominent theme, but instead, players only seem to notice how his tie needs to take a trip to the dry cleaners.

4 Agent Jones (Jump 88)

Agent Jones (Jump 88) in Fortnite

Agent Jones (Jump 88) looks like he has gone completely rogue in this skin as he is prepared with a shawl that will help him blend in with his surroundings. The pattern on it is cool, but it takes away from this character’s personality.

It also hides the armor he has collected and adds subtle dirt markings to his face that take away from his attractiveness. If you are into looking mysterious then this skin is for you, but otherwise, there are better Agent Jonesy skins to choose from, some of which can be found on the map.

If they had given you the option to style this skin with the hood down then it probably could have been one of the best.

3 Agent Jones (Jump 31)

Agent Jones (Jump 31) in Fortnite

Agent Jones (Jump 31) turns into a karate master with this skin as his headband relates back to the time of the Samurais. The red tattoo on his left shoulder was a nice touch that accentuates the overall design of this skin.

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The ripped clothing is appealing as it is uniform throughout and matches the wraps he has on his feet in place of shoes. Players also love the red glove on his hand that is perfect for knocking out his enemies with a single punch, but the lack of a shirt, or closed top, takes away from this skin’s appeal.

The look on his face could have been a bit more menacing as well, especially for someone with this skillset.

2 Agent Jones (Jump 42)

Agent Jones (Jump 42) in Fortnite

The various skins show the transformation of Agent Jones into a superior version of himself, but this is where it should have ended. He has turned into an epic soldier with his own form-fitting gear and a pair of exquisite combat boots.

Agent Jones (Jump 42) looks ready for battle, but it is versatile enough to allow him a range of motion when in the middle of a fight. The war paint on his face only adds to the rugged vibe he gives off with its jagged lines, which is the opposite feeling players receive when looking at these cute skins.

There is just so much to this skin as a closer inspection brings attention to the flashlight on his shoulder and the blade that was added to his left arm.

1 Agent Jonesy

Agent Jonesy in Fortnite

This is the original Agent Jonesy skin that introduced us to this unique character and it can’t be beaten. It was originally released as an Uncommon skin with a gray suit and tie, but this all changed in the most recent season.

Now he is seen in a blue suit with a matching tie that gives off a more sophisticated vibe. The other skins might make him a bit more original, but this is the best of them all because of the nostalgia behind it.

It is one version of this character that players will never forget, and all you have to do is buy the Season 6 Battle Pass if you want to add this skin to your inventory.

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