Fortnite Error Removes Rocket League Crossover Music From Everyone’s Locker

Fortnite players are reporting the “Flip Reset” Rocket League lobby track has been removed, and Epic Games states the error is under investigation.

Fortnite players have logged in on New Year’s Eve to find that the crossover track “Flip Reset” from Rocket League has been removed from their cosmetic lockers due to an unknown error. The track is the theme song for Rocket League Season 2, and many players used the EDM hit as the soundtrack for their Fortnite lobby.

On December 17th, Fortnite announced that it would join in celebrating the start of Rocket League Season 2 by rewarding players with a free music track from the popular motorsports title. Unlike the Llama-Rama celebration, players didn’t have to complete challenges or participate in game modes to unlock the reward. Instead, Fortnite gave the track to players for free for simply logging in to the game. Players would have until December 31st to claim the track before it would no longer be available. However, it seems players also only had until December 31st to enjoy the track as well.

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On the morning of December 31st, players began to report that the “Flip Reset” track that was given out for free had been removed from their lockers. It was later revealed that the track had been removed from everyone’s locker as the result of an unknown error. The Fortnite Status Twitter account tweeted that Epic Games was aware of the issue and was working on investigating the error. Until further notice, players will not be able to enjoy the hit single from Kaskade & WILL K inside of Fortnite.

This error follows another Rocket League related inconvenience when the RL servers temporarily went down at the start of Season 2. This was speculated to be caused due to an influx of players coming to check out the season’s new content. With nearly 1 million concurrent players on the weekends, it’s not hard to imagine that the start of Season 2 would draw a much larger crowd.

The removal of the lobby track could be linked to the event’s set end time since players began reporting the error around 9 a.m. EST on December 31st. It will be interesting to see how Fortnite resolves this issue as, in the past, it has given cosmetic items to everyone regardless of whether they completed the necessary requirements in order to make up for inconveniences. Hopefully, the Rocket League crossover track will return soon so players can continue to rave in Fortnite through the New Year.

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