Fortnite Deadpool’s pants location: Where to salute Deadpool’s pants and unlock the X-Force outfit color

As we press on towards the end of the season, it’s almost time to wrap up the assignments set by the Merc with a Mouth, and for Week 9 this involves finding where to salute Fortnite Deadpool’s pants. Given their hideout has been flooding for a while now, it’s no surprise that these pants need drying out, but tracking them down on the island is crucial to completing this entry of the Fortnite Deadpool challenges. Yes, you do need to venture beyond the menus for this one, so if you’re ready to pay your respects in Fortnite, then we’ll show you the required Fortnite Deadpool’s pants location so you can see what our antihero has run up the flagpole.

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Fortnite Deadpool’s pants location

(Image credit: Epic Games)

To visit the Fortnite Deadpool’s pants location, you’ll need to head to Sweaty Sands in the northwest corner of the island. Once you’re at the seaside resort, either glide down or climb up to the roof of Hotel 23, which is the tallest building in the named location at the east end of the street in map grid B3. On a small platform above the stairs leading to the rooftop deck, Deadpool’s pants are fluttering away in the breeze.

Fortnite Deadpool's Pants location

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Once you’ve found them, you next need to salute Deadpool’s pants in Fortnite. Now, there is a Salute emote that was first available back in Chapter 1 Season 3, but as not all players will have added this action to their lockers it’s unlikely that it will be required. Instead, approach Fortnite Deadpool’s pants and you should see a prompt to salute them, meaning everyone can complete this challenge and collect the X-Force color option for the Deadpool outfit.

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