Fortnite, DC Reportedly Negotiating More Justice League and Suicide Squad Additions

A new batch of leaked Fortnite news reveals Epic and DC are in talks to bring new Justice League and Suicide Squad characters to the game.

Upcoming additions to the Fortnite character roster may include characters from the Justice League and the Suicide Squad.

According to a recent Reddit leak of upcoming Fortnite content, Epic Games and DC are reportedly negotiating the possibility of adding more DC-themed skins. However, negotiations are reportedly still ongoing. It is unclear which characters would be added and when, with Epic’s legal team working to finalize the rights to bring the characters to the game.

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The new characters would join Fortnite’s pre-established roster of DC characters, which currently includes the likes of Batman, Harley Quinn, and Aquaman. If Epic and DC reach an agreement to introduce additional characters, they could be released to coincide with James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, which releases later this month. Epic has demonstrated a tendency to routinely release skins for characters from major movies upon their release, such as the skin for Space Jam: A New Legacy‘s Lebron James.

These DC skins could also be released in tandem with the ongoing Batman/Fortnite comic book crossover series. The event’s next major release is a one-shot comic set in Gotham City and releases this fall, which could serve as a realistic release window and theme for potential new Fortnite DC skins.

Batman/Fortnite comics prominently feature the Batman Who Laughs, an evil version of Bruce Wayne from the depths of DC’s Dark Multiverse. According to the Reddit leak regarding new skins, the source of the leak is unsure if Batman Who Laughs is one of the characters intended to arrive in Fortnite, though the leaker didn’t explicitly rule out the possibility of the character’s addition.

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While details regarding the source of the leak were scarce, the Reddit community of r/FortniteLeaks expressed confidence in its legitimacy. According to the forum’s moderator, the source has previously leaked multiple pieces of Fornite news that were eventually proven accurate.

The leaker also revealed Fortnite plans to bring an Ariana Grande concert to the game. Other potential Fortnite content revealed by the leak may include a Naruto skin and explosive kunai weapon, a redesign of the game’s map in Chapter 3, and a return of the mysterious artifact known as The Cube. Eventually, the leaker revealed rideable monsters and mechs may come to the Island, but probably not anytime soon.

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Source: Reddit

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