Fortnite Dataminers Discover Voiceline Teasing Major Event in Season 5

Some new lines of dialogue in Fortnite may point towards another major story event, one that will likely mark the end of the Zero Point season.

Whenever a season of Fortnite comes to an end, there’s usually some big climactic event to help send it off and introduce the next season. Long-time fans are no stranger to them, but it feels like Epic Games has been trying to make them bigger, crazier, and more memorable throughout Chapter 2. The last season ended with a pretty cinematic showdown with Marvel villain Galactus, with players teaming up with their favorite Marvel superheroes to send him packing. It even broke records to become Fortnite‘s biggest event ever.

So, it’s very much expected that the current season, aka Zero Point, will end in a similar fashion. Unlike the last season, though, this season hasn’t focused on any particular franchise, instead boasting crossovers with multiple franchises from The Mandalorian to Tron, as Jonesy hops from one dimension to another.

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While details on how this season will end are still a mystery (it’s not due to finish until the middle of March), fans believe there may be signs pointing to something big happening thanks to new lines of dialogue. Some of these lines have been added as part of an update while others have been leaked but, for as vague as they are, they already have fans discussing what could happen.

Two NPCs, Deadfire and Mancake, who are both located near the Zero Point itself, now have ominous things to say, with Deadfire noting that mysterious things have been happening and Mancake appearing to ask if the Zero Point was always unstable. Bunker Jonesy, an alternate skin of Jonesy, might also say the line “Here it comes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” It’s believed that he is the original Jonesy from before he entered the Loop (the time-loop that is responsible for Fortnite‘s very existence) and may know how events will play out in the future.

The Ragnarok NPC also has a current unreleased line of dialogue where he says “Strange… you look just like HIM,” which will probably only trigger when wearing a specific skin. Whether this has any bearing on Season 5’s finale is a mystery.

Fans have speculated that it must involve the mysterious organization called The Seven in some way. Despite being around since Chapter 1 Season 3, their motivations are completely unknown, though they may be enemies of the same group Jonesy is a part of, which would mean they’re trying to break the Loop. One fan has suggested that Zero, a supposedly physical manifestation of the Zero Point, may appear as a boss fight of some kind.

As far as actual confirmed news goes, Epic Games has announced that the next live event will be a film festival. It will be taking place this weekend and players can attend a screening of animated shorts, which will be on loop for 24 hours so everyone can have a chance to see them.

Fortnite is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Reddit

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