Fortnite Daily Duos Cup rules and leaderboard for NA East and NA West

After a long layoff, Epic Games have released another batch of the tournament series Daily Duos, which is available across every competitive region. The tournament started on March 25 and will last through April 30, 2020.

Daily Duos Cup rules

The tournament has very simple rules and format. As the name suggests, the game is played in a team of two, where every team competing is given three hours to play a maximum of ten games. The team that earns the highest points is declared the winner and awarded the prize money. The first place is entitled to a monetary cash payout of $750 USD per week. So, if you factor the number of days for all the regions, the prize pool goes up to $200K USD.

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This is an occurrence where one team depletes the HP and Shield of the other team. An elimination credit is defined with the help of the action feed which is available at the bottom left corner of the gameplay screen, and the UI showcasing the total number of eliminations that were secured during one match.


This is determined by a player or the time spent by a duo in play during a match, relative to that of the competitors, before being eliminated. Placement rank is displayed on the UI once someone is eliminated.


A set of matches are played until there is a winner or multiple winners. This is determined using any of these methods:

  1. Completion of a set number of matches.
  2. Completion of a set time period.

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Daily Duos Cup leaderboard

At the end of the session, the top scorers are listed on the in-game leaderboard for every region and awarded with the respective prizes. The tournament (Session 1) has already taken place for the NA East and NA West. Take a look at the leaderboard here:

Leaderboard for NA East

Rank Player Points Matches Wins Avg. Elims. Elims
1 APA Sooshi, XTRA Money 147 10 4 6.40 64
2 YouTubeJayswyd, Sub to qKody 141 10 2 8..40 84
3 i give free top, Papi Píggie 133 9 3 6.00 54

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Leaderboard for NA West

Rank Player Points Matches Wins Avg. Elims. Elims

dadе, XTRA Jonny

147 10 3


2 spideyy, prodigy 143 8 0 12.50 100
3 EpikFoxrr, GL Pepper 141 10 3 6.20 62

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