‘Fortnite’ Cuddle King Skin: How to Get Rare Item for Valentines, and Everything to Know

“Fortnite” is ready for the love month’s event for 2021, as the Cuddle King skin would be up for grabs in the event, giving people a chance to acquire the fuzzy and pink character to be used for Valentine’s Day itself. The new pink skin is considered to be a Rare outfit in the game, as part of the “Be Mine” set, and for now, it is available via the Item Shop.

Fortnite Hearts Wild Cup The Flash

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The “Fortnite” Cup for February is here.

Gamers do not need Valentine’s date to be feeling the love this month and this year, as the popular battle royal is giving everyone a chance to be their own Valentine with the Cuddle King’s arrival on the platform. “Fortnite’s” latest skin is the Cuddle King and it goes under the Chapter 2 Season 5 books, also joining Valentine’s challenge of 2021.

The Hearts Cup Challenge would coincide with The Flash Cup and would provide a treat to all gamers who would be on the platform starting today, until the day after Valentine’s, February 15. Both cups would feature a competition for the best duos team and would be making several exclusive items up for grabs in special matches for 3 hours.

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‘Fortnite’: How to Get the Cuddle King Skin


According to Epic Games, the Cuddle King is a Rare Outfit in the game, and would only be acquired by the Item Shop as it would be a purchase-exclusive skin, unlike its counterpart, Lovely Skin. The Hearts Cup event would not feature both the 2021 Valentine’s Day Exclusive skin as a freebie by participating in the challenge for this event.

‘Fortnite’ Valentine’s Event: Hearts and The Flash Cup

On the other hand, two skins are up for grabs and those are Lovely from the “Hearts Cup” challenge and The Flash from “The Flash Cup” that is currently debuting on the platform. The “Hearts Cup” would be available from Feb. 9 (Tuesday) to 15 (Monday), which would span almost an entire week to get the Lovely Skin and Heartblast Back Bling.

Fortnite Hearts Wild Cup The Flash

(Photo : Fortnite / Facebook)
Epic Games confirmed The Flash crossover.

On the other hand, The Flash is up for grabs by participating as Duos in “The Flash Cup” which is a one-day event only, happening on February 10 (Wednesday). The winners would get The Flash’s CW Skin and back bling to wear especially by the character.

Both skins are available to the top performer of every region, but Epic Games and “Fortnite” did not specify how many top players it would award the special skins before it becomes available via the Item Shop.

‘Fortnite’: Skins Coming to the Item Shop

Fortnite Hearts Cup

(Photo : Epic Games)

Apart from the Cuddle King Skin to join the Item Shop, “Fortnite” would also bring back the love skins of past Valentine’s season including Lovethorn and Wild Card are coming to the platform. While Lovely and Cuddle King would go in a bundle, Lovethorn and Wild Card would go on a separate set from this year’s Valentine’s skin specials.

The skins would be available near Valentine’s Day on Sunday, Feb. 14, or earlier.

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