Fortnite Cuddle Fish – what does the cuttlefish do in Fortnite?

Wondering what the Fortnite cuttlefish does? Then you’ve probably caught a Fortnite Cuddle Fish – the official in-game name for these cute little cephalopods – from one of the fishing spots around the island. If you’re a keen angler in the battle royale then you’ll know that most fish you catch can be consumed to either increase your health or shields, or bestow another benefit such as thermal vision or a faster sprint speed.

However, you only have the option to throw these Fortnite cuttlefish, which stick to the surface they’ve been flung at then seeming sit there doing nothing, so it isn’t clear what benefit they actually have in Fortnite. The truth is that their cutesy appearance is a complete deception and they’re actually an offensive weapon, so read on to find out exactly what the Fortnite Cuddle Fish does and how to use it to your advantage.

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