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Fortnite Crystal Trees are one of several strange objects to appear in the middle of the island this season, when a large area got blasted and formed into a desert. You’ll find them alongside the large crystal structures jutting out of the ground in this arid environment, with all of this under the imposing gaze of the Fortnite Zero Point as it hovers ominously overhead. You’ll need to destroy five of these trees for one of the Fortnite Week 13 quests, so it pays to know where you can track them down. Thanks to their bright purple glow they’re not the hardest things to spot in Fortnite, but as they’re spread over a wide area we’ve got the details on where to find the best Fortnite Crystal Trees locations so you can quickly destroy a small forest.

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Fortnite Crystal Trees locations

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If you head to the desert area in the middle of the island, then you should see plenty of Fortnite Crystal Trees around just waiting to be destroyed, though don’t confuse them with the identically colored Zero Point Crystals that are also spread throughout this area. We’ve not marked all of the trees on the map above to keep it legible, though if you head to any of the circled Fortnite Crystal Trees locations towards the north side of the desert then you should find at least five of them in close proximity so you can wrap up the quest efficiently.

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