Fortnite cow decoys locations – place cow decoys in farms

Fortnite cow decoys are unusual-looking things, but you’ll need to place cow decoys in farms if you want to keep Slone happy this week. For one of the legendary entries in the Fortnite Week 6 quests she wants to go alien fishing, and believes that putting out some fake heifers is the perfect bait. This is likely part of the ongoing beef between the Imagined Order and extraterrestrials in Fortnite, but only time will tell if this trick escalates things further. If you’re ready to set a trap, then these are all of the Fortnite cow decoys locations.

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Fortnite cow decoys locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

There are two overall Fortnite cow decoys locations where you can place them, which we’ve marked on the map above. The first is Corny Complex, which is a named location so should be easy to spot, and the second is Hayseed’s Farm to the east of it, which was previously known as Steel Farm. Each of them have seven spots to place Fortnite cow decoys, meaning you can easily wrap up this quest at either of them.

Fortnite cow decoys at Corny Complex locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The seven Fortnite cow decoys locations at Corny Complex are a bit more spread out as it covers a larger area, and you potentially have Fortnite IO Guards to deal with here as it’s an Imagined Order base, so watch out for those enemy AIs.

  1. Just behind the shed on the south side of the west field
  2. Near the open truck trailer on the north side of the west field
  3. On the south side of the northwest barn
  4. Near the shed on the west side of the south field
  5. Close to the tractor on the west side of the east field and barn
  6. Just southeast of the main farmhouse to the north
  7. In the northeast of the farm near the two tall silos

Fortnite cow decoys at Hayseed’s Farm locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The seven Fortnite cow decoys locations at Hayseed’s Farm are a lot closer together due to it’s smaller size, meaning you can place three of them more quickly here, and the only threats you need to watch out for are other players.

  1. Near the river on the west side
  2. On the slope south of the track to the bridge
  3. Just south of the main farmhouse by the trees
  4. A little north of the main farmhouse towards the trees
  5. At the east end of the northeast corn field
  6. To the north of the southeast road by a lone bush
  7. Beside the southeast road opposite the gas station

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