Fortnite: Competitive Payments and Support-A-Creator Update

For some time now, many Fortnite professional players have been complaining that they haven’t received certain tournament payments, sometimes even months later. In a statement released today, Epic Games clarifies the situation.

There are two main reasons for the delays:

  • Late payments from DreamHack Anaheim due to the State of California, which has a special tax system.
  • Administrative issues that caused an overpayment for some players, delaying other payments until the situation is resolved.

Increased vigilance against creative code scams

Fortnite doesn’t stop there and also clarifies the situation of content creators. New measures will make it easier to pay players with a Support-A-Creator code. Epic Games also is tightening its policy regarding abuses (scam at free V-Bucks, promise of rare skin…). From now on, it will no longer be possible to change one’s code and controls will be made more regularly to verify that each creator is still eligible for the Support-A-Creator program

The publisher reserves the right to take legal action if abuse is detected and encourages the community to alert on fraudulent practices through the hashtag #reportacreator. For more detailed information, please visit this link.

Original content by Maxime “Biaggi” Ricoveri.

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