Fortnite Chickens – how to find, hunt, and fly with them

Fortnite chickens look quite angry from a distance, though thankfully these feathered fowls aren’t at all aggressive and will run away from you when you approach them, so you shouldn’t have any fear about getting pecked. Unlike some of the other wildlife currently in the battle royale you can’t tame Fortnite chickens, though if you manage to get close enough to one and grab it then you can use it to fly like a substitute glider and briefly soar across the Fortnite island. Whether you’re trying to chase one as it flees, hunt it for its feathers, or fly with a Fortnite chicken, we’ve got all the details on where to find them.

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Fortnite Chickens locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

As you can see from the map above, you’re most likely to encounter Fortnite chickens in the northern half of the island. As always with wildlife, these are approximate locations where they’ve been spotted and they can roam away from these positions during matches – but if you really need to find some Fortnite chickens then the area east of Pleasant Park, or Colossal Crops and the area to the south of it are your best bets to search in.

How to fly with Fortnite chickens

Fortnite chickens locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

If you want to fly with a Fortnite chicken, then you need to run up to it and quickly follow the Grab prompt that appears. It’s easiest to do this as soon as you approach it, as if it’s startled and begins fleeing then you’ll have a much harder job catching up. Once you’ve grabbed one of the Fortnite chickens and are holding it aloft, your jumps will be considerably higher than usual and you’ll gradually float back to the ground – leaping from a high point will allow you to glide even further, without fear of any fall damage when you touch down.

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