Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 End Date

With info on Season 8 leaked, and the Season 7 end date quickly approaching, Fortnite players need to make sure they finish their battle pass.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 is in full swing, and its Invasion-theme has introduced Superman and Rick Sanchez into the Fortnite-verse. The popular battle royale also added spaceships, new weapons and items, alien parasites, and much more this season, giving Fortnite fans plenty to do.

These new features and themes help to keep the game relevant for long-time fans, but it’s about that time in the season where players will be wondering what the next season of Fortnite has in store for them. For others, they may be wondering just how long they have to complete the Season 7 Battle Pass.

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When does Fortnite Season 7 end?


Season 7 of Fortnite ends on September 12. This means players will have to earn and cash-in their Battle Stars for the current Battle Pass before this date if they don’t want to miss out on exclusive rewards like the Rick Sanchez skin from the ever-popular adult cartoon, Rick and Morty. Players can also purchase levels on the Battle Pass if they really don’t want to miss out on the rewards, but this will set them back a lot of V-Bucks.

Season 8 will of course follow soon after Season 7 of Fortnite ends, and while there have been no official announcements as to what the new season will include, there has been a recent, reliable leak that includes Season 8 and Chapter 3 details.

Fortnite Season 8 and Chapter 3 leaks

The mods over at the FortniteLeaks subreddit have posted some information about Fortnite Season 8 and Chapter 3 from a reliable source. As with any insider information, even if the details are currently correct, things could change by the time Season 8 or Chapter 3 releases. What is promising about the details, though, is that the leaker previously predicted a lot of the Season 6 features. This includes Lara Croft, Raven, crafting, and wild wolves and chickens.

One of the biggest leaks about Season 8 is that an Arianda Grande skin and concert will be coming. The virtual concert has apparently already had a test launch. Other skins reportedly coming include Naruto, and members of the Justice League and Suicide Squad also planned. Naruto would be exclusive to Battle Pass owners and would be accompanied by an unlockable explosive kunai weapon.

fortnite player gliding map

Regarding the gameplay and Fortnite’s developing story, the leaker said Season 8 will include something called ‘The Sideways’, which would release monsters into the map. The Cube is reportedly returning at the end of Season 7, now controlled by an ‘unknown Queen’ who will play a part in Fortnite Chapter 3. The location of The Seven is also set to be revealed in Chapter 3, and rideable monsters/mechs will be introduced at some point in the future.

Perhaps the most exciting information is that Chapter 3 will reportedly ‘redesign the map completely’. This opens up so many possibilities as to what the ever-changing map could be turned into, and players may have to adjust landing points and strategies to accommodate for this.

Chapter 3 is still far into Fortnite‘s future, though, so it’s nice that Epic is constantly updating the game until then. Examples of this include the upcoming feature that will add preferred item slots to Fortnite, as well as past updates that introduced Inflate-A-Bulls to shake-up the gameplay. There should still be quite a few updates before players get to Chapter 3, and more importantly, plenty of opportunities to complete that Season 7 Battle Pass.

Fortnite is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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