Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6: Is Primal Shotgun Broken?

Season 6 of Fortnite has brought forth a primal-era and item that has changed the game on its head. This update has brought forward a new array of weaponry and upgrade that has changed the power dynamics. The Battle Royale title has seen something amazing in new weapon upgrades. This provides the gamers a great chance to either direct upgrade towards mechanical or primal weaponry.

Each one requires a particular part, which can be found easily on the map. This is where the new primal shotgun has outshined all its peers, and it has turned out to be the strongest weapon in Season 2.

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Epic Games may have a massive problem on its hand in Fortnite Season 6

The primal upgrade for shotgun offers a weapon that is quite broken. It contains a massive magazine size of 12, and players can fire in quick succession. This makes it one of the strongest weapons in the game that can essentially destroy people with one good burst. Players usually hunt for purple tier weapons, and with Season 6’s upgrade, even blue weapons can be turned into purple tier gear.

The purple-grade weapons can now be found relatively easily, as compared to their successor’s legendary gold grade. Naturally, the legendary weapons brandish the highest damage numbers, and with the legendary variant of a primal shotgun, you can one-shot players who are even at max health. The insane damage output of a legendary weapon is understandable, but the purple variant still seems quite overpowered.

It can easily two-shot enemies, as the primal version already has a decent rate of fire, following a minor nerf. This seems quite inadequate, as the problem with the weapon is in its damage output and the massive clip size.

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The way this weapon works is reminiscent of drum shotguns and even the double pump meta. These comparisons alone suggest the overpowered nature of the weapon, and it will dominate the pro scene as well. The current state of the meta and overpowered nature of this weapon will hurt the professional games. It gives even lesser skilled players a chance to frag out talented players in close proximity, even at maximum health.

As great as it is to see new players rise, it also important to have a perfect weapon balance. In such a case, Primal shotgun definitely feels out of place and the developers should add more changes to it.

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