Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6: How To Tame Wolves And Other Animals?

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 5 finally ended on March 15. The last few weeks saw collaborations from various movie and game franchises like Mandalorian, Predator, and Ripley. The changes in the island were, however, just a build-up for the new season. Season 6: Zero Crisis, hit off with Agent Jones and The Foundation, sacrificing themselves by sealing the Zero Point in a tower of stone. In the new update, players can see a lot of newly added elements.

The new ‘Primal’ themed season introduced 2 new mythic items and bosses around the map. Now the game also has new and craftable weapons and hoards of new animals. However, what fans did not know yet is that these innocent-looking animals are also craftable and tamable, much like the makeshift rifles.

Popular Fortnite Content Creator Tabor Hill finally cracked the code. On March 16, he posted a video explaining how to tame the wolves and maybe other animals too! Although, taming them requires players to craft something very specific from the Crafting tab. Check the video out below:

How to tame Fortnite Wolves?

The Season 5 update introduced new wildlife all over the map. From Chicken to Frogs and bears, players can kill them to collect crafting material or super jump and float with them. However, the crafting material, ie, the meat and the animal bones, can also be used for taming animals after creating a special crafting material.

First things first, as shown by Tabor Hill, players need to kill the smaller animals and birds. He used chicken. The chicken gives one of each item, but players need more of the items. After collecting enough materials, the next step is to craft. Players need to switch to the Crafting section of the inventory and look for the ‘Hunter’s Cloak’. Ideally, the Cloak builds at two bones and one meat.

Next you need to look for a wolf and put on the Cloak. Once the cloak is on, the character simply needs to get to proximity of the animal he/she wants to tame and press on the Square or relevant button for three seconds. And that’s it! Now the player has a pet who will also attack enemy players and other animals. With every animal kill, the wolf feeds itself the meat and the bones and gets more powerful.

All these changes in the game are a little overwhelming for the players at the beginning. The recent additions have changed the dynamics of the game. Playing Rank in Fortnite is now more exciting than ever. Do you like the new update or are you a fan of the original and old Fortnite gameplay? Tell us in the comments.

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