Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Battle Pass Hints Towards Neymar Collaboration and More

Epic Games continues to move towards massive collaborations, as it has helped the title reach unprecedented heights of popularity. In the past year, Fortnite has seen rather unprecedented growth in popularity coinciding with the Marvel collaboration. Data miners have already uncovered files suggesting potential Fall Guys and Family Guy collaborations, but something even bigger may be in store.

New speculation among the community points towards a collaboration with the Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar Jr.

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Neymar is a massive fan of Fortnite

With the release of the latest teaser trailer for Season 6, the community is speculating a collaboration with the 29-year-old Brazilian athlete. It is known that Neymar enjoys video games in his downtime and even loves streaming while doing so. Among his favorite titles, Fortnite stands firmly at the top as the Brazilian star has already showcased his excitement for the upcoming season.

The audio log of Agent Jon Jones retiring from his duties at The Imagined Order sent shock waves through the community. It pointed towards something the fans and even Neymar did not see coming.

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Neymar’s skin could be added to Icon Series

It would serve as a great opportunity for Epic Games to add another prominent name to the list of Icons. These celebrities have showcased their love for the title, and Neymar would also fit right in Icon Skin Series. However, neither Epic Games nor Neymar has confirmed these rumors at this moment. 

So read these speculations with a grain of salt as Season 6 is hinting at a massive collaboration with DC Comics. Although, it is quite possible for the developers to add Neymar’s unique skin into the mix as Season 6 progresses.

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Fortnite Season 6 to add an interesting event and new Battle Pass skins


video source: Home Of Games

Leaks within the community hint at something amazing with Season 6. According to YouTuber Home of Games, the Battle Pass of Season 6 will contain 8 unique skins. These skins will not be completely based on the DC Comics universe. The YouTuber also suggested that the upcoming solo event will put us in the shoes of Agent Jon Jones and that players will have to fight against the unstable zero-point energy source.

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