Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: New Weapons – Desert Eagle, Leaks, Rumors & More

A new season means lots of new content in the game! What can we expect next season?

We are just around the corner from the release of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3, and with the current season winding down finally we can expect a lot of news in the coming weeks.

That is if the season does not get delayed once again, however, all signs are pointing towards a minimum two-week delay.

Whether or not other battle royales like Apex Legends will see a similar delay before Season 5 kicks off is still unconfirmed, so stay tuned for our updates.

Every new season implements some new weapons into the Fortnite loot pool, and what we can expect next season?

Continue reading and find out below!

Update – Deagle Model Updated!

Reddit User PM092 posted the below image of a new and updated Hand Cannon (Deagle) model that was found within the files.

Epic tends to only update skins/weapons if they plan on returning them into the game sometime soon. Take the Recon Expert skin for example.

Hand Cannon
BOON – One of the coolest guns to use!

So, there is a high chance we are going to see the return of the Hand Cannon in Season 3!


It had the ability to one-shot any material in the game, so it was relatively easy to get inside someone’s build.

hand cannon legendary
BOOM – One of the strongest weapons in Fortnite

It was similar to the way the Heavy Sniper functions now, but it had a seven-round magazine too!

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Although the Hand Cannon was one of the strongest pistols ever added into the game, we think it would serve a unique role in the current state of the game.

With a significant decrease to some of its damage stats, the Hand Cannon could be one of the best guns to use on this map!

New Shotgun?

Fortnite used to change up the shotgun pool quite often back in the earlier seasons. We saw weapons such as the Double Barrell and the Heavey Shotgun all play vital roles in Fortnite’s history

fortnite battle royale skye hd wallpaper preview 3
ONE PUMP – What kind of shotguns can we expect to be added?

The only other shotgun added was the Combat Shotgun back in Season 9, and this came at the cost of losing the pump shotgun!

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So, with the Pump and Tactical shotguns being the only ones in the loot pool as of now, there is a good chance we are going to see a mixup next season.

After all, the Heavy shotgun was re-added into the game files a while ago. So, perhaps they are going to re-add this classic weapon or take one of the current shotguns out!

Any Leaks or Rumours?

Typically, the days leading up to the new season are some of the most hectic days for Fortnite data miners. This is when content such as the trailer, and even the new map gets leaked as they have done in the past.

Choppa 1
ZOOM – What kind of mobility will we see next season?

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With just a few weeks to go in Chapter 2 Season 2, we can expect the leaks and rumours to start kicking into full speed soon.

We never truly know what Epic Games is cooking up for the new season, so we will have to wait and see for now.

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