Fortnite Champion Series Season 3 schedule and Twitch Drops rewards revealed

The long-awaited Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) will begin season 3 from August 1. FNCS season 3 will commence on August 1 and will end with the finals on August 16. During an official press release, Epic Games revealed details about the FNCS Twitch Drops, which will give viewers an opportunity to win some Twitch drops. 

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FNCS Twitch Drops and schedule revealed

The FNCS Season 3 Chapter 2 will return on August 1 at 1 PM EST. Every round from the Qualifiers to the Finals will be streamed on Twitch and YouTube. Epic Games promise an ‘enhanced’ viewing experience at Watch Fortnite with live FNCS leaderboards. The Qualifiers will be held over two weekends – August 1-2, August 8-9. The Finals are scheduled to be broadcast on August 14, 15 and 16. Though the round might differ, the schedule will remain the same throughout FNCS Season 3.

FNCS Season 3 official programming schedule 

  • Broadcast Begins – 1 PM EST (10:30 PM IST)
  • Live EU coverage – 1:15 PM EST (10:45 PM IST)
  • Break – 4:30 PM EST (Next day, 1:30 AM IST)
  • Live NA-East coverage – 5:15 PM (Next day, 2:45 AM IST)
  • Approximate end – 8:30 PM (Next day, 6 AM IST)

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FNCS Twitch Drops

As per the Epic Games press release, viewers will be able to earn FNCS-themed Fortnite Items, including a spray, emoji and back bling during the various broadcasts. However, one will have to link their Epic account to their Twitch account before they start viewing the Drops-enabled game. They even added that if one is willing to stream FNCS on their own channel, they can also give out drops. To opt for the problems, people will have to email Epic Games and complete their request before July 29, stating that they agree to abide by the community rules and include the Epic Account ID and Twitch URL in the email. 

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To make sure that one is eligible for Drops, one will have to link the Epic and Twitch accounts through the options. Clicking on the option will ask you to log in to Twitch simultaneously, after which the page will redirect to the previous one. They also added that one must have linked the account within the last six months. If the account has been linked from a previous date, the user will have to unlink and re-link before streaming. 

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(Image source: Fortnite Competitive Twitter – @FNCompetitive)

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