Fortnite celebrates Ramadan by introducing the BanderitaX Locker Bundle

The news that Fortnite is honoring Ramadan by introducing a Lantern event is exciting and inspiring to the community as a culturally significant moment that is being honored on such a large scale.

Fortnite celebrates Ramadan by introducing the BanderitaX Locker Bundle

It is not often a game with a major following honors celebrations or holidays that go beyond what most consider to be “the mainstream.” However, Twitter is aflutter with the news that Ramadan is being honored by Epic Games in the latest Fortnite update that features a Lantern event, understood to begin tomorrow.

Of the in-game features expected to come up with this update, one particular bundle has caught the attention of the community.

BanderitaX will be receiving their own locker bundle featuring skins and exclusive in-game items. The bundle will be available for loopers beginning 21 April until 23 April.

YouTuber SinX6 highlights the details of the announcement from the Fortnite Team in their detailed video as seen below.

Fortnite continues to add not only entertaining in-game features, but features that hold significance beyond a player’s Battle Royale experience. It is not often a celebration so important for so many people to receive such wonderful in-game inclusion.

One of the other elements of the event is the Fearful Races which results in the first place winner receiving a real life SC3PT3R ax and $2,500 USD. The event will also allow loopers the opportunity to solve puzzles and win prizes on Fortnite ME social media pages.

Lastly, along with the BanderitaX locker bundle, there will be a BanderitaX Creator Cup. The winning teams are said to receive their equal share of the $10,000 USD cup upn scoring a #1 Victory Royale.

With Chapter 2 Season 6 in full swing, this added celebration and new in-game features are keeping loopers entertained and inspired.

Published 14 Apr 2021, 00:03 IST

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