Fortnite Brings Back One of Its Best LTMs Ever

Chapter 2 Season 6 of Fortnite has been out for a few weeks now, and the players have had a ton of new content at their disposal. These include the new POIs on the map, the weapon-crafting mechanics, and of course, the Battle Pass skins. All in all, it seems like Epic Games has finally worked on the complaints regarding the lack of content in Chapter 2 Season 5.

Interestingly, the latest game mode arriving in Chapter 2 Season 6 was originally introduced some months ago. The developers removed it quickly owing to certain bugs and glitches, but have now released it yet again.

Shockwave is arguably the most entertaining LTMs in Fortnite ever. From millions of casual players, to veterans like SypherPK, everyone loves it for the fast-paced action.

Fortnite has added Chapter 2 Season 6 weapons in Shockwave

As the name suggests, players have to push each other in the Shockwave LTM. Alongside dealing damage, weapons make the opponents fly away, and this effect simultaneously increases with damage. Originally, two teams could compete and the one which would survive for three rounds used to emerge victorious.

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However, Epic Games has made some brilliant changes in Shockwave this time. These comprise the removal of bugs, addition of Chapter 2 Season 6’s primal weapons, and an increase in the total number of teams and rounds.

A maximum of five teams can take part in the LTM in Chapter 2 Season 6. Accordingly, each game extends for five rounds, and the team that survives till the end takes it all.

SypherPK flaunts his skills in Shockwave

As aforementioned, players have to constantly deal damage to the opponents in order to throw them the hardest. This is the only viable way to be the last team standing and requires impeccable aiming skills.

SypherPK has been playing Fortnite since the beginning and is skilled enough to play with every weapon that has ever been a part of the game’s arsenal.

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While playing Shockwave recently, the streamer trolled some of his opponents for being unable to hit shots with the Infantry Rifle. Epic Games had introduced the gun back in February 2019, and SypherPK was sure that the other players in the lobby didn’t even play the game during that time.

From the looks of it, SypherPK loves the Shockwave LTM more than any other game mode in Fortnite. Even though his team hardly helped him in winning, the streamer seemed happy while getting 25 eliminations and clutching the victory single handedly.

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