Fortnite: All Season 5 Week 4 Challenges

It’s the fourth week of Season 5 in Fortnite, and players have a new set of challenges to complete for XP toward filling up their Battle Pass.

Fortnite‘s Week 4 challenges for Chapter 2, Season 5 are here. There are seven total weekly challenges that players can complete to get some XP, and that doesn’t include the ones players can complete for the Operation Snowdown holiday event, such as the Snowy Flopper catching challengeFortnite players have a lot to do this week.

In order to complete all the Week 4 challenges for Fortnite, players will need to:

  • Get 1 Elimination within 5 meters
  • Get 1 Elimination while below 50 health
  • Get 1 Elimination at full health and shields
  • Destroy 10 enemy structures with a pickaxe
  • Deal 100 Damage opponents with a pickaxe
  • Collect 1 tomato basket from a nearby farm
  • Ignite and dance at 1 Tomato Shrine near Pizza Pit or Pizza Food Truck
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Elimination Within 5 Meters

In order to complete this challenge, players will have to get up close and personal with another player. Five meters might seem like a big distance, but when the other player is already shooting it can seem really small. To get that close, players will want to pick up a weapon with great close-range firepower, or something that will give them an advantage. Weapons like the Big Chill Exotic Grenade Launcher can help to slow enemies down.

Elimination While Below 50 Health

To complete this challenge, players will want to save up their shield potions, and only take them as their health is under 50. Players can take intentional damage from map hazards in order to control the amount of damage taken. Once at 50 health, look for a nearby player to destroy. If players have the gold bars available, one of the new exotic weapons might help to make eliminations easier; just talk to one of the Fortnite Season 5 NPCs to buy one.

Elimination at Full Health and Shields

Like the challenge above, this one will also be mostly about luck. Players need to first fill up with shield potions, and then seek out an enemy they can kill without taking any damage.

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Destroy 10 Enemy Structures with a Pickaxe

In order to destroy an enemy’s buildings, players can go about it two ways. The first is to find an abandoned enemy structure and take it down. The second is to find an enemy, get up close to them and wait until they begin building, and then smash everything they build with a pickaxe. This may also help players to deal damage with the pickaxe, which incorporates the next challenge.

Deal 100 Damage Opponents with a Pickaxe

Pickaxes in Fortnite only do 20 damage per hit, which means players will have to hit an opponent 5 times in order to complete this challenge. There is a new, free pickaxe that players can earn in Fortnite by completing one of the Operation Snowdown event challenges.

Collect 1 Tomato Basket from a Nearby Farm

There are three total locations for the tomato baskets in Fortnite, and all three of them are clustered close around the edge of the sand north of the Colossal Coliseum. The sand is a new part of the Zero Point, which is a map change for Season 5 of Fortnite. Look for the Tomato Head tent, and to the east of it is a small, red farmhouse across a river. On the first floor of this home is a kitchen, and there is a bowl of tomatoes there.

Where to find tomato baskets in Fortnite

The second bowl is located just north of the Tomato Head tent, in a big red barn. On the top floor, in the far corner past the stairs, there is another basket, filled with tomatoes. The last bowl is just north of the barn, in a pale blue house with massive porches. On the first floor, in the back of the house, there is a kitchen just past the dining room; there is a basket next to the fridge.

Ignite and Dance at a Tomato Shrine Near Pizza Pit or Pizza Food Truck

While out and about in the new Season 5 map completing Fortnite bounties, players may have come across a tomato shrine. There is, in fact, one in the same area as the tomato basket challenge listed above. That tomato head tent is one of the locations that players can ignite and dance at. Just head to the top floor of the tent-like building, and right next to the railing of the stairs is a pyre that players can light. It will look like a cauldron surrounded by buckets full of tomatoes.

The second location is to the west of Misty Meadows, where the road heads south then quickly loops back to the north; there is a food truck with another pyre to light nearby. Players only need one of these. If players are looking to get there as quickly as possible, they can look for one of the Fortnite plane locations to fly there fast.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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