Fortnite Adds Alli, Lynx’s Sister, To The Game In April Crew Pack

The next Fortnite Crew Pack will see Alli, the feline-themed sister of fellow hero Lynx, added to the game as a playable skin.

An upcoming Fortnite Crew Pack will add Alli, sister of fellow playable character Lynx, to the game as a playable skin. Epic Games‘ battle royale sensation launched in 2017, and its social presence and popularity has continued to grow. On top of other regular content updates, the game features a wide range of Battle Pass and Item Shop skins for players to use, allowing them to control both original characters and guests from various other franchises.

Each new season of Fortnite brings drastic changes to the game, ensuring that the massively popular title remains fresh years after its original release. The game’s unique world events have been highly praised by players, with the game’s map experiencing drastic changes with each new season. Exciting new developments, such as crossovers with various different game and film franchises, serve to keep old fans interested while drawing in brand new players. Fortnite‘s recent update brought various changes to the game’s map in Season 6, such as adding in a new landmark called The Spire and replacing the once-central desert area.

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Epic Games has revealed that next month’s Fortnite Crew Pack will introduce Alli, the feline-inspired sister of fellow character Lynx. In addition to Alli herself, this April Crew Pack will also include various themed items, such as the mouse-shaped Squee Back Bling backpack and the aptly-named Cat’s Paw Wrap. The pack will also feature a new loading screen which depicts Alli strutting down a runway. This Crew Pack will become available on March 31 and will be free for Fortnite Crew members.

Alongside the addition of new original characters like Alli, many Fortnite fans are clamoring for more crossovers with other video game and film franchises. A recent survey sent by Epic Games to select Fortnite players suggests that a crossover with Resident Evil Village, the upcoming eighth installment in the iconic survival horror franchise, is being considered. The survey specifically mentioned Ethan Winters and Lady Dimitescu, the protagonist and antagonist of the upcoming title, as well as recurring series hero Jill Valentine. Many fans have also suggested that a crossover with the Mad Max film franchise would be appropriate, particularly due to Fortnite Season Six’s primal theme.

Years after its initial release, Epic Games continues to support Fortnite through various forms of post-launch support. Although many fans are more interested in pop culture crossovers, it is also important to expand upon the world of Fortnite itself. Adding in Alli, the sibling of popular character Lynx, is a great way to build on the game’s identity.

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