Fortnite Adds Adorably Creepy Mushrooms That Talk and Dance

Fortnite Season 3 is set to go live tomorrow via PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile phones, and it looks like the new season is adding new adorable creepy mushrooms that talk, dance, and will give players shields when activated. Today, the previously leaked “Mushroom” appeared in the battle royale game, seemingly early. Not long after the new addition to the battle royale experience went live though, it was deactivated, but it looks like it will be re-activated very soon.

If you’ve spotted the Mushroom, you’ll know at first glance it just looks like a big innocent mushroom. However, if you dance or emote in front of it, you will activate it. Not only will it give you shield and follow you around, but it talks and dances. Again, it’s a little creepy.

Below, you can watch a video of the Mushroom, courtesy of FortTory, a prominent Fortnite dataminer who first leaked the character/item a couple of weeks ago:

As you can see, once activated, you need to feed the Mushroom 100 wood in order to get its free shields. And in the process, it makes a pretty loud noise. So, there’s a risk/reward system to it. While it will give you free shields, it will also attract a lot of unwanted attention.

What’s also interesting about this new Mushroom character/item is the possible implications involving pets. Based on this and previous leaks, some players think a pet following feature is coming to the game with the new season.

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