Fortnite accidentally leaks the ‘Macarena’ emote after Season 7 update

Epic recently released a v17.00 update that will officially release Fortnite Season 7 for loopers. The update brought forth a lot of exciting new changes in the popular battle royale segment.

Data miners eagerly wait for Fortnite updates to extract valuable information and reveal it to the public. They played a significant role in revealing the concept of aliens and UFOs towards the end of Fortnite Season 6.

Now, data miners have recently shared news about another significant addition to Fortnite Season 7. This article dives into the details of the new inclusion.

Fortnite Season 7’s first major leak is a hidden emote

The Fortnite Season 7 kicked off with the v17.00 update. Updates often reveal significant information regarding upcoming in-game items.

Most importantly, the island transitioned from a Primal to an Alien theme. Consequently, UFOs are now part of the game. Season 7 Battle Pass trailer revealed some of the prospective skins to feature in the upcoming seasons.

Aside from this, Epic accidentally leaked one of its encrypted emotes. The unreleased “Macarena” emote has been added to the Content Creator Asset folder.

Popular data miners confirmed that loopers should be getting the coveted emote soon.

Data miners have also revealed that the Macarena emote will be available in the Item Shop between June 11th and 25th.

Epic Games is also expected to release the Sweet Victory emote and the Three Wise Monkeys. These should be in the Item Shop on June 16th and 17th.

The developers have not yet confirmed the release of the emote. Epic has also remained silent on the accidental spill in Fortnite Season 7. It is anticipated that these emotes will cost around a few hundred V-bucks. The exact figures will be available once Epic makes the emote public.

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